Arduino based Temperature controller

Basically there are lots of devices & machines which is based on temperature. Like any plastic molded machine needs to maintain the temperature for the process of production.

If temperature goes above the limit then the heating section should be off and cooling section should be on and if temperature goes bellow the limit then heating section should be on and cooling should be off. If temperature is between the upper and lower limit then both heating and cooling devices should be off.

Same way in this project we will see how this happens? We are using arduino board, temperature sensor, lcd , keypad and some electronics components.


  • Arduino nano
  • Oled
  • 4×1 Keypad
  • LM35
  • Dual Relay board
  • 12V DC FAN
  • Solder Iron
  • Some components

Arduino nano is used to monitor the temperature and control the heating and cooling process.

Oled is the display unit to display the room temperature.

The 4×1 Keypad is used to set the upper and lower limit of the temperature.

LM35 is a temperature sensor. It sense the room temperature.

Dual relay board contains two relay. One is used to on/off the heater and the other is used to on/off cooler.

For cooling device we have used 12V DC FAN.

For heating device we have used solder iron.


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