LCD means Liquid Crystal Display. It has liquid crystal material sandwiched between two sheets of glass. When voltage is applied, they change their direction and they turn vertical to the glass surface. They vary in optical characteristics, depending on their orientation. LCDs utilize these characteristics to display images. LCD is used in every where from Toys to Transport. As we can see there are so many gadgets where LCD is used. Like digital clocks, toys, Blood Pressure meter, Sugar meter etc.

LCD is made for different category as per its requirement and its usages. We can see LCD is used in Smart Watches, Petrol pump fuel machine, Railway Station Ticket wending machine, Air port indicators, Digital Weighing Scale, Student Project Kit, Toys, Aeroplane, Washing Machine, TAblets, Monitor, Televison, Digital Clock, Energy Meter etc.

Noise Pulse Go Buzz Smart Watch
Fire-Boltt Phoenix Smart Watch
Portable LCD Writing Tablet
Bulfyss USB Rechargeable Digital Alarm Clock
ZINQUI Alarm Clock Digital LED Mirror Alarm Clock
Inditradition Plastic Indoor Outdoor Temperature Humidity Hygrometer , Temperature, Humidity, Calendar, Clock, Alarm , Tabletop or Wall Mount
Lcd 16X2 Yellow Backlight Alphanumeric Display
Generic ST/20x4Y Silicon TechnoLabs 20×4 Line LCD Display
REES52 HDMI TFT LCD Display Monitor 7 inch 1024X600 HD Screen Touch Function
LAN Single Phase Digital Multi-function Electrical Energy Meter with electronic LCD Display
amiciSense 10-100V LCD Acid Lead Lithium Battery Capacity Indicator Voltmeter Monitor Display wih Built-in Temperature Sensor and Buzzer Alarm (10-100 V)

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