Net Weight Kg.: 

Total Bags:    

Bag Weight Kg.: 

Extra / Bag in Kg.: 

-: Extra Detail :-

Rate Per 20 Kg.: 

Weigh Bridge:

Receipt No.:    




Weight Calculation

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  1. One Bag Approximate Weight X Number Of Bags
  2. Weigh Bridge Difference 3Kg / 1000Kg On Total Weight
  3. Extra Deduction like Dust / Sand / Particles inside the bag If it is.

And Finally We get the Actual Weight. Now try it by using this calculator.

Note: This calculator is very useful for the merchants who buy and sell their agriculture products by using weigh bridge. Once the final weight receives there is some calculations for empty bags, weighbridge difference and the other deduction. I hope you will enjoy it. - Tushar Gandhi


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